Teaching the Fatherless About Fatherhood

How does a boy who grew up fatherless learn how to be a good husband and father? Without a role model, there is a blank space in a young man’s heart and soul.

Many young men in the rural Eastern Cape grow up without their fathers, leading to a gaping hole in families and communities as these boys grow up and do what their fathers did — leaving behind young women to raise another generation of orphans.

25:40 is setting out to break this cycle. The last week of June, young men that have attended 25:40’s after school care program in Canzibe spent a week in Jeffreysbay with Ambassadors Football South Africa, which is an organization that teaches young men to be father figures and Gospel messengers through coaching soccer. The week was eye-opening to many of our young men and healing for those who grew up without fathers. “This week I have seen my calling — to teach other young guys to be good fathers,” Olwethu, 22, said. “I can use soccer for this.

Siyanga, 26, said, “I saw this week how the children want to be with me. I enjoy teaching them,” With this new training and in depth Bible study, these young men are now serving in Canzibe on the soccer fields as coaches who are positive role models in young boys’ lives. If you would like to invest in 25:40’s Young Adult Leadership Program, please pray for our young men to persevere after their training, that as they are inviting their soccer team members to Bible study they do not grow weary in the face of adversity and opposition. By investing financially in this program HERE, you are ensuring that more young men are trained and return to their communities to fill the void of growing up without an earthly father and pointing them to our Heavenly Father.