We break out of lockdown

25:40 South Africa

Caring for vulnerable children in South Africa – 
Restoring Godly Fatherhood and Motherhood 
with 25:40

July 2020 News 1

We break out of lockdown at last with a real hands-on piece of Kingdom work outside of Jeffreys Bay!

Nickey, Calvin, Jonothan, Simeon, Gareth and Eduard - About a quarter of the Global Challenge Expeditions 2020 teams. TheIr 2020 Global journey was unexpectedly disrupted in March in Sao-Paulo, Brasil (country 1), a BIG DISAPPOINTMENT TO THEM!

On Sunday 14 June, these guys joined me, Nono Lose and Stephen Venter, a senior member of the Global community, for a work and mentoring week in Canzibe.Global Challenge Expeditions annually sends teams of young people across the world to support missions outreaches in many countries and visit unreached people groups wherever possible. Our visit to Canzibe was a wonderful opportunity for them to get “out there!”

We went to install a rainwater system and finish up a number of other outstanding building projects on our new building at the center in Canzibe.  
I had to meet with the local Chief and the URCSA Canzibe church council. The week was crammed with lots of handwork, many joys, and challenges. 

Tamsanqa Mashingana en Siphelele Satshongaye
Our "Youth Leadership Coaches" at Canzibe

Tami and Siphelele are both from Bambisana near Lusikisiki. After their training year in Jeffreys Bay with Leadership Experience, they just started finding their specific footholds in their ministries, when at the end of March, they were “chased” home by the Corona virus.

It is really challenging for a Xhosa guy to integrate into a new community. What opens that door is when you start making a real difference to the local people. Two together also encourage one another and help each other up in challenging or tempting times.  

The two of them also work together as a team with the rest of the 25:40 Canzibe team.

During February-March they started walking with a man of peace from the community as Luke 10:6 directs. That is of course when 2020 was turned upside down. Back in Canzibe after lockdown, they are preparing the Aftercare program and sharpening their soccer coaching and equipment in readiness for when the children and young people can return and also start practicing again.

We used the opportunity last week to mentor them and some of the boys previously in our Aftercare program. 

Sizeka, our Grade R teacher. She tested positive for COVID 19, was really ill a week ago but is now recuperating well in the Canzibe Hospital.


The result of this is a 14-day self quarantining for all our Canzibe staff that had contact with her. They will only return on July 17 to prepare to open for the children on the 20th.

The van der Walts -

Still all together with our two daughters. They have been doing online studies since April. We really enjoy having Lara and Emelia here. We are frankly learning quite a bit from each other.
They will probably return to Port Elizabeth and the campus on Tuesday.


Thank You, Lord!

For the Global Challenge team accompanying us to Canzibe!

A safe journey.

Jojo Tanks – They donated a 5250L water tank and a second at a third of the price. 

The young men shared good mentorship with the boys at Canzibe.

Nearly all the planned work was completed successfully.
Two meetings with Chief Mkundlu at Canzibe were so encouraging. He and his committee are very positive about our 25:40 work in the community.

Please pray:
1. The Global Challenge Expeditions teams’ travel plans to be possible again later this year.
2. Tami and Siphelele – To find true men of peace among the youth in Canzibe.
3. That they will comfortably share and apply the Word with the Aftercare children and the soccer teams they are coaching. 
4. Sizeka’s recuperation and everybody’s health.

Nono and Simeon finishing the walls in Kholiswa’s flat
Gareth, Calvin and Nickey fitting gutters and barge boards
and Saturday, celebrating Eduard’s birthday at Hole in the Wall!

(no worries, below that little throne of Eduard’s there is another wide rock shelf-I think?)

Thank you for walking with us!
Wikus and Carina van der Walt
25:40 South Africa