Young Adult Leadership Program

Provide leadership experience training to male mentors who then relocate to the Transkei area and connect with teenage boys and young adult males through soccer. They hold Bible studies and disciple them.

While the preschool and after care program guide and nurture young children, teenagers often drop out of school in the Transkei for lack of adequate high schools. They sometimes fall into idle or destructive living. In 2017, 25:40 set out on a very specific path to fill this gap, specifically to mentor young adult men in Christian living. to prevent what plagues young boys and men in the Transkei — substance abuse, sexual promiscuity, and unemployment.

Through the Young Adult Leadership Program, our goal is to restore Biblical manhood in the Transkei through peer mentoring and discipleship. We seek to create a space for young men to develop into purposeful leaders and visionaries empowered to lead themselves, their friends and their families to eternal purposes