We Have a Chance to Do Something New!

We Have a Chance to Do Something New!
We Want You Along

Claiming Victories in the Midst of a Pandemic

August 24, 2020

Dear 25:40 Partner and Friend,


We are writing to you today with thanks for your generous past support of 25:40, as well as with a unique and timely opportunity to continue this support.  Your contributions have already made a huge impact, helping bring Biblical discipleship education, vocational training, food, leadership and ministering to orphaned and vulnerable children and their families in one of the neediest corners of the globe.


Even in these challenging times, our team is pressing forward in fulfilling our mission to save the most vulnerable among us. In fact, the COVID-19 pandemic has made our mission even more crucial. Some difficult statistics:


  • South Africa has the fifth highest number of COVID-19 cases in the world
  • The unemployment rate in the rural parts of the Eastern Cape (where 25:40’s work is focused) is approaching 60%
  • One in every two people in the Eastern Cape is facing hunger.



In the past five months, we have been unable to operate our pre-school and aftercare programs. But we have pivoted to meet the more urgent needs presented by the pandemic, which is leaving women and children even more vulnerable to malnutrition and abuse. Through your generous donations, 25:40 staff is providing the neediest in our communities with emergency food parcels and soup packets. We are helping some families start small gardens, distributing seed packets, visiting the sick, and continuing to make home visits to the most vulnerable.


But the needs continue to grow with each passing day. That is why we are excited to share with you a true answer to prayer. A generous donor has offered to match any donation we receive in the next 30 days , up to a maximum of $5,000. This is an incredible opportunity to give, knowing your donation will be doubled! Will you help us max out our donations and double the $5,000?


A contribution by Saturday, Sept. 26 towards the work of 25:40 will far exceed the amount you give. Your generosity will be magnified in the lives of the “least of these.” Visit 2540.org today and enter Matching Fund Campaign in the memo of your donation.

With gratitude,

The 25:40 Board of Directors, USA

Jack, Lori, Monique, Dan, Alec & Amy

Sizeka, our Grade R teacher, makes masks for her students. Recently, the teachers and staff invited caregivers to the school to hand out learning materials and coach them on how to teach their kids at home.

Tata Jutayi works hard on his garden, but still was in need of an emergency food parcel. Recently, he accepted Christ. Now 25:40 worker Zama is helping him with gradening supplies and continues to disciple him.

The 25:40 staff sticks together. They’ve recently had planning and prayer meetings, as well as team-building outings. Here they were on their way to visit Nosizele, 25:40’s cook, who has been sick with COVID-19.