Coram Deo Place of Safety

Coram Deo has been one of the Eastern Cape’s few orphanages and right now houses 9 children, ranging in age from 4 to 17. In the Xhosa culture, “orphan” is a taboo word because it indicates that extended family is not taking responsibility for a child who has lost or been abandoned by their parents. But there are times when a child has no other option.

25:40 started supporting Coram Deo in 2017, after Elroy and Eureke Bagley took over the ministry. Elroy’s construction background was a huge advantage as he was able to make structural improvements to the home and add an apartment and other additions. A computer center was completed recently and will serve as a training center for the Coram Deo children as well as children and young adults in the immediate area.

Recently Elroy and Eureke moved back to the Port Elizabeth area, which is their home. Another couple took over serving as the house parents, but, unfortunately they stayed just a short time. We are looking for ministry partners to help lead and guide the nine children at Coram Deo.